In early 1998, Bushplanet became the first company in Austria to produce and sell cannabis cuttings. This was still highly controversial at the time and resulted in several house searches and (conditional) prison sentences.

Nevertheless, it paved the way for a significant development, and ever since cuttings have and continue to be produced by various suppliers. In the meantime, court decisions have confirmed that cannabis cuttings may be legally produced and sold.

Some distributors and media outlets, however, claim that cannabis plants are only legal before they have flowered and become illegal afterwards. We would like to dispel this myth.


Cannabis plants produce very beautiful and fragrant inflorescences. There are thousands of different varieties whose habit, aroma and potency differ significantly.

Our goal is to show the public that cannabis is not "a" substance, but rather constitutes – similar to wine culture – a true diversity of colors, shapes and aromas.

The time has come to end the distinction between good (growing) and bad (flowering) cannabis plants. The blossoms are the natural development of every cannabis plant and form the basis for the extraction and production of seeds, medicine and stimulants.

It’s ultimately impossible to prohibit a plant created by nature. On the other hand, it’s certainly possible in an enlightened society for people to develop and maintain a sensible policy for the use of cannabis.

The Hemp Embassy Vienna wants to create dialogue with both supporters and opponents of legalization in order to jointly bring about a rational regulation of cannabis culture that takes into account the interests of all stakeholders.


The Hemp Embassy Vienna is exhibiting living cannabis plants at all stages of flowering. Some of the varieties used are also used for medicine and stimulants.

In each of seven display cases made out of safety glass, a different variety is displayed from the beginning of its flowering stage through harvest maturity. In addition to being visually impressive, these plants give off delightful smells: small openings in the glass cases allow visitors to sample each individual odor.

Each flowering plant is accompanied by detailed information, such as THC and CBD content, duration of flowering period and genetic origins. The flowering phase of each plant is also filmed and can be viewed at hempembassy.org.

In addition, general information regarding cannabis culture, decriminalization and legalization is available. Finally, a small museum shop completes the museum experience.

The museum’s opening hours are Monday through Friday, from 11am to 7pm, and Saturday, from 11am to 6pm. Admission is free to all visitors.