Medical Strain

Dutch Passion started as a cannabis seed company in 1987 in Amsterdam, producing premium quality cannabis seeds in the Netherlands. Known for their sophistication and quality, Dutch Passion is a company with a love for the science of breeding.

CBD Kush

A variety produced in cooperation with the CBD Crew. CBD Kush is a CBD rich variety with an approximate 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. Tests have shown that CBD levels of up to 7% have been measured with a similar quantity of THC. This variety was produced by crossing a THC rich Kandy Kush selection with a CBD dominant strain.

Data Sheet

Germination date 07/01/15
Flowering start 08/01/15
Flowering end 10/27/15
Video day 53 - 88

Strain Info

Genetics 60 % Indica / 40 % Sativa
Flowering Days 63 days
THC 7.00 %
CBD 7.00 %
  • Green house
  • Indoor
  • Medical

Video Day 53 - 88