Medical Strain

MedicalSeedS is a small seedbank based in Barcelona. The experience they have accumulated over the years as a breeder has taught them that it is very important to cultivate with high quality seeds and therefore they are taking the time to choose genetics from all over the world.


OG Kush CBD is a perfect plant for those looking for an ideal therapeutic effect to make oils and creams for both oral and topical use. It is also recommended for any lover of flavor who wants to fully enjoy all of her nuances, consuming throughout the day but without suffering the effects of couch lock as she has a soft cerebral effect leaving the body without a feeling of heaviness.

Data Sheet

Germination date 03/30/18
Flowering start 05/12/18
Flowering end 07/10/18
Video day 6 - 59

Strain Info

Genetics 40 % Indica / 60 % Sativa
Flowering Days 56 days
THC 12.00 %
CBD 12.00 %
  • Green House
  • Indoor
  • Medical

Video Day 6 - 59