Medical Strain

Dinafem Feminised Cannabis Seeds was finally born in 2005, after years of guerrilla growing in the Spanish mountains and intense study of all available growing guides and techniques. Dinafem Seeds' founder, Mister Green Finger, has studied his craft in England and in Holland and has dedicated much of his life to learning all about the cultivation of cannabis seeds, especially the feminised variety.

Shark Shock CBD

Shark Shock CBD is the result of a project carried out by Dinafem in close collaboration with CBD Crew.
The medicinal version of Shark Shock is a cannabis seed that originates from the "White" family, winner of several awards in the 90's and crossed with a line containing high levels of CBD.
Shark Shock CBD has an intense, bittersweet flavour and aroma with hints of garlic.

Data Sheet

Germination date 01/02/16
Flowering start 02/03/16
Flowering end 05/02/16
Video day 21 - 89

Strain Info

Genetics 80 % Indica / 20 % Sativa
Flowering Days 55 days
THC 6.00 %
CBD 6.00 %
  • Outdoor
  • Green house
  • Indoor
  • Medical

Video Day 21 - 89