Paradise Seeds

After 12 years of growing, testing and experimenting with many different varieties, Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. The aim was to create better weed, with a sweet/spicy taste and stronger high, for our own use.

Dutch Dragon

This plant has its roots in the African continent, the original genetics travelling their way from Swaziland to Euroland a few years ago. A potent plant famed for its power, this fiery (but irie) sativa has been crossed with Dutch breeds to make it a reliable plant with a high reward count. Strong and bushy in the tradition of a good sativas, it is a high yield plant that likes to grow if you let it.

Data Sheet

Germination date 04/18/16
Flowering start 05/20/16
Flowering end 07/25/16
Video day 18 - 66

Strain Info

Genetics 25 % Indica / 75 % Sativa
Flowering Days 67 days
THC not specified
CBD not specified
  • Greenhouse
  • Indoor

Video Day 18 - 66