White Label

The White Label Seed Company offers the opportunity to economically buy cannabis seeds from some of the most popular cannabis strains available today. White Label Seeds is a sister company of Sensi Seeds, established to showcase carefully selected variations of cannabis strains that have proven themselves both popular and worthy of inclusion in the Sensi Gene Bank.

Purple Bud

Purple Bud is a high-potency, heavy-yielding feminized Afghani with a hint of Sativa. Purple Bud’s purple colours are most commonly seen in her flowers, not just in the leaves. Her purple floral clusters are thickly frosted with sparkling resin glands and possess a rich pine-sandalwood aroma with sweet undertones.

Data Sheet

Germination date 11/20/18
Flowering start 12/19/18
Flowering end 01/31/19
Video day 10 - 43

Strain Info

Genetics 75 % Indica / 25 % Sativa
Flowering Days 65 days
THC not specified
CBD not specified
  • Outdoor
  • Green house
  • Indoor

Video Day 10 - 43